Gameplay teaser on now on YouTube! - 24.07.2022

It's been a while since we uploaded the last Lying Souls™ video to YouTube. Now it's that time again, we present you the first taste of the gameplay with a short teaser trailer that should give you a little insight into how the game looks like as a player. The full trailer will be available on YouTube in the next few weeks.

One of the "Top Steam Games in Dec" - 16.12.2021

Lying Souls has been included in's "Top Steam Games in December 2021" list. We are also signed up for a special game event that will take place before release, and the general reviews for the Lying Souls demo are very positive. We can now summarize all your feedback and bring it into the main game.

Lying Souls now on Steam! - 01.05.2021

The time has come! Lying Souls is now available on Steam. There you now have the possibility to support us by adding it to your wishlist. Also, there is now a way for us to contact you directly on Steam. If you "follow" the game on the site, you will always find all the information on your Steam homepage.

Neuigkeiten Banner für die Steam Seite

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