Lying Souls

 Lying Souls™ is an atmospheric, mysterious single player story horror game. You'll dive into a story in which nothing is as it seems. Find out the reasons behind what happened to your family back then. Your decisions will guide the course of the story.

The incident

It was a while ago when all this happened. With time, the incident has calmed down. You don't know anything anymore and step by step you find out the truth and why it all happened. 

It is your decision

You are now on a dangerous path of darkness. Are you someone who runs away from your problems, or do you face them? It is entirely your decision. It is up to you alone whether you can clear up the incident and find out the truth. 

Screenshot aus Lying Souls von einem Wald mit einer Schaukel

Find out the truth

The way to get answers is easy, but dangerous.
Try not to harm yourself in the process.
Things are not always what they seem.

Screenshot aus unserem Spiel Lying Souls von eine Hauseinfahrt
Screenshot aus unserem Spiel Lying Souls aus einem Wald mit einer Straße & Laterne

Find the guilty

 In Lying Souls™ you'll enter a story in which you'll have to solve, in first person, the mysterious circumstances of a long-past incident in your family. You'll experience different parts of the story and you'll have to logically sort everything. The gameplay is linear, but the story is not.

Keep your mind

You will obviously have to make a decision at some moments that will change the later course of the story for you. Smaller, not so obvious decisions & actions are also part of this. Whether you will find out everything with your decisions is questionable. 

Screenshot aus unserem Spiel Lying Souls von einer Hauseinfahrt mit Polizei
Screenshot aus Lying Souls von einer Tür mit rotem Licht
Screenshot aus Lying Souls von einem Meeting Tisch der verwüstet ist

You have come to the end!