Screenshot aus unserem Spiel Lying Souls von einem Eingang eines Hauses


Here you can find the blogs. I write about Troxy Studios itself and the game. For example, you can read about how I came to found the studio.

How it all began - Blog

In this blog you will learn how Troxy Studios was founded 
and how I got the idea to develop a game.

It was just a joke - Part I

The creation of Troxy Studios is as unusual as the idea to develop a game. The journey begins about three years ago. When I got together - as I often do - with a friend to play something together. During that time, we often talked about topics like the current games on the gaming market and how bad the situation actually looked. At that time, the gap in the market for the "really good" games was very big. At least that was our own opinion. And suddenly my friend told a joke: "Let's just make a game" and laughed. - So did I.

After this statement and the laughter that followed, a long silence fell. I think we both thought to ourselves that this wasn't such a bad idea. My thoughts were simply, "Why not, really, what's standing in our way?" And that's where it all started. With a single joke ...

Relatively quickly I approached the matter - although alone, with a lot of humor and irony. So now I sat down at my PC not to play, but to develop a concept for my own game. The really funny thing is that I had ten, if not more concepts and beginnings. So I used my time to test out my totally pointless ideas and creations and laugh about them with friends. But when I discovered that I seemed to have potential to make something neat - because I was told over and over again at that time - I didn't wait long and discarded all the projects I had at that time and started working on something big.

And so it began - Part II

In a very short time, I really created something worth seeing. I decided on a genre and a graphic style. My first game was supposed to be a classic multiplayer shooter with realistic graphics. Well, it will be a story-mystery-horror game with stylized graphics and a gripping story. Of course, I knew what kind of games I was into myself and got inspired by that. I wanted to finally create something new, something that would be memorable and not the same as every game on the market at the time.

Pretty early on, I started thinking about the story that the game was going to be about. Because only based on the story and the process, I could start implementing more into the game. I focused more on the story than the gameplay because I wanted to take everyone on a special journey. I planned out every step of the characters, the process, and the individual highlights. Even, the first thing you learn in the story should be related to the last little detail at the end. That's what Troxy Studios is for. Storytelling. Some big parts of the story relate to various thoughts and feelings I had during development. I've also been involved with storytelling, cinematic (video) content and more for a long time before I started, and I've been able to do something like that well since the beginning.

Back from the beginning - Part III

From the moment I found the idea for the game, I immediately immersed myself in pre-production. I wrote down pages and pages of ideas, started the story and developed the personalities of the characters. I stayed with this idea for a long time and it looked promising. But after a while I changed a lot, became dissatisfied with the current state and once again thought about how to continue. This is one of the big problems of many game developers, directors, writers, etc.

These constant thoughts about my own game got so bad at one point that I gave up on the whole game once and started over. This phenomenon even happens with developers who have finished their game and want to publish it. Even then it gets discarded. Now I started from scratch, with new ideas for the gameplay and a completely different story. There were some problems in between, but in the end the project became what Lying Souls™ is now.

By now I'm at a point where I've come to accept what Lying Souls is - and should become. That sounds a bit negative, but ideas you have in your head change. I'm happy with the way things are right now, but I already have ten more ideas about how I want to continue this journey.

You have come to the end!